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Tuesday 30th Meeting

On Tuesday 30th May we will be holding our weekly meeting in the car park area of Win Green.

We will be there for our normal meeting hours 19:30 to 21:30 but you may go there earlier or stay later. weather is forecasted as warm with almost full moon.

Bring your radio equipment, VHF and/or HF or whatever to spend some time ‘on air’ from the Win Green location.

It will be a test run for the Air Ambulance week 4th to 10th September 2023.

Club meetings December

The meeting on Tuesday 13th December will be a ‘bring and share’ Christmas party. Partners are welcome.

There will not be a quiz this year.

Meeting Tuesday 27th December is cancelled as it will be a holiday.

Note Thursday 29th December there is a Christmas Radio Rally at West Carmel. It is an extra rally, loosely connected to the Yeovil club. Info under ‘Calendar’.

Note! I have disabled the member section as we have been plagued with bots. Will set it up so there is an anti-robot log-n system.

Enjoy Christmas.

Meeting 22 March

The meeting on 22 March will include a Zoom meeting with Geoff G3WZP, the subject The Royal Signals Museum, GB100RSM and The Outreach Amateur Radio Trailer. (see Radcom Dec 2021). it will commence at 20:20 in the main hall at the club using their drop down screen and overhead video projector.

Those not attending can participate from their home qth.

Confirmation and log-in details will follow when confirmed.

Club over Christmas

Our 28th Dec being during Christmas week and the fact a number of members have indicated they will be away over the period plus unknown restrictions possible from ‘Boris’, we have decided to cancel the meeting for 28th December. Next meeting, subject to Covid rules, will be on January 11th.

There will be a Boxing day net on 2m starting around 11.00.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bring & Buy

The club is holding a Bring & Buy evening on November 23rd at the club.

Any spare radio items can be offered for sale. Commission 10% to club funds.

Time to clear out items you no longer use, don’t forget to bring some cash – we cannot accept card payment.