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Annual Fees 2018-19

Message from the Treasurer, Paul G1SNI

A reminder to those that missed the AGM, the subs are due and remain the same as last year. They are £30.00 (concession £25.00) if you renew/join in April/May/June and pro-rata after that. You can pay by cash or cheque at any club night or if you want to pay by BACS let me know direct to the below email address and I will send you the bank details.

73 de Paul G1SNI

Silent Key Derek G3BVB

It is with sad news that I announce the passing away of Derek G3BVB, a long term member, on 1st November, 2017.

Those who know Derek will remember a real gentleman who was a great asset to the club. Unfortunately the past few years,due to age, he has not been too active at the club but continued on the radio with many of his worldwide contacts.

His funeral will take place on 17th November at the Dorchester Cemetery Chapel at 13:30, if you wish to attend please contact me.


Keith M0TMO

4m Field Day

The 4m Field Day 16/17th September was a successful in that were able to try out the new gazebo/tent recently purchased by the club. It takes 4 to erect it successfully but once up was considered to be an excellent buy. It is quite sturdy and waterproof and withstood the wind and rain all weekend.

Operating conditions were not too good and only a few contacts were made – not many on the contest. I was hoping to do some qrp cw, only problem the only operators on were the Swedish contest and they were all using computer generated morse. No non-contest operators were around.

Had a visit from the police – we saw their drone which as spying on us and later they visited us but were quite happy when we explained what we were doing – and we had permission.