Jim G3RTD gave a short demonstration of his new Wellgood Loop Antenna at the club.

A receive only test was carried out switching between the loft mounted club antenna and the Wellgood Loop Antenna situated 30m into the sports field which demonstrated a reduction  of noise of S9 to S2 when using the latter. Conclusion; if you have noise at your shack, maybe a Wellgood Loop Antenna at the end of the garden may improve your reception.

The Wellgood loop web page is

and the Chavdar Levkov, LZ1AQ, page is

The latter page is a mine of analysis and measurements which, unlike many pages I’ve seen, seems to stack up. Click on the top right photo and look at the technical article links.

Attached a BOM with costs for a one-off loop and one based on 5 people co-operating:

Wellgood BOM