Intermediate Licence

Intermediate licence Study

Once you have gained experience at the Foundation level we are sure you will want to take the next step up – this is the Intermediate Amateur Radio licence. The Intermediate licence gives access to the Intermediate frequency allocations within the amateur bands and Permitted power levels are increased to 50 watts.

To obtain the Intermediate licence BVARS offers a training course. This course is longer than the Foundation course and aims to teach many of the fundamentals of radio in a stimulating way by actually undertaking practical tasks such as soldering, building a small project and a variety of other exercises building on the experience you have gained as a Foundation licence holder.

Intermediate Licence Examination

After completing the course candidates sit the Intermediate Licence Examination. Again this examination is a multiple-choice test based on what was learned on the course, covering the basic concepts of radio operating on the amateur bands and the licence conditions. With both of these successfully completed an Intermediate licence can be applied for.

Our courses are open to anybody who wants to undertake them, you do not have to be a member of BVARS.