Antenna Rotator

Has anyone a spare antenna rotator controller as the one I have the plastic gears inside are stripped 
Thanks in anticipation

Martin Simonsohn


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      1. Hi Chris thanks the one I have is dead as the pivot that supports the gear has broken due to age and brittle plastic have robbed the inerds to make a manual one for the time being so please don’t rush on my behalf
        73 martin

        1. Aside from the gears, I have the facilities and (mostly) the ability to replicate odd bits of bracketry and turned parts. Would it be possible to find someone to 3D print the gears, the software to replicate almost any gear knowing the PCD, pitch and tooth count is available.
          I do however loath gears made of plastic! (They WILL break).
          OR paint it green and chuck it in the long grass…….

          Tim M0TYH

          1. Hi Tim thanks for reply but it was the controller that had broken gears and when I attempted to remove the gear the spindle snapped off so I threw all the bits into a metal box and I now hsv a manual switched controller 😁

        2. Well, I had a look in the unit. One of the controllers must have hit the skip last clean out. The other is a Daiwa CR-4 complete with the rotator and a bunch of cable. Unfortunately it is unlikely to be compatible with anything of yours and is probably a complete functioning controller and rotator

  1. Hi Martin
    Can you email me on
    this is about a totally off topic query re vehicle electrics. I tried the email address I had for you but it was returned ‘user not known’ . I remember you saying something about having changed a lot of details.

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