Amateur Radio Licence

An Amateur Radio Licence is required before one is allowed operate a radio capable of transmitting on the Amateur Radio frequencies.

BVARS runs training courses for the Foundation and Intermediate licence at the club, shortly we hope to add training for the Advanced licence. Training is carried out at the club premises on Tuesday evenings. If you would like to obtain your licence, contact the club or attend any Tuesday evening meeting.

Foundation Licence – the entry point to the hobby. A short course following a simple test to ensure that you can operate radio transmitting equipment safely and within the technical guidelines laid down in the the terms and conditions of the licence.

Intermediate Licence – the second level that introduces the theories that make radios function with some more practical skills that enables you to build and test your own equipment.

Advanced Examination – an examination only, no formal course though at the moment.

it is now possible to sit exams at home through the RSGB and internet service.

An Amateur Radio Licence is is of considerable value when composing your curriculum vitae, especially if you are considering a technical career.

More details can be found at the website.