Field Day & 4m contest

We have approval to use the Win Green site for our Field Day & 4m contest. It will be from Saturday noon on 16th September to Sunday noon 17th September.

This is a chance to do some late night operating at a interference free site with contacts possible around South America and the Pacific.

As it will be a club operation, all operators will be able to use full power,

More details will be available in the next few days.

4m contest 17th September

BVARS is considering entering the 4m contest on 17th September. It is further proposed that we make it a weekend activity which would allow members to play radio from Saturday pm to contest time – chance to get some rare contacts. We would be setting this up on Winn Green (I am applying for access through the gate).

Site is also excellent for Astro -scopes, maybe you could bring your ‘scope.

Will confirm soon as possible.